Installing Kubuntu 19.04 on Virtualbox

Have fun installing Kubuntu on Virtualbox! I had some problems making this video!

Java Tutorial: Hello World

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Make YouTube Video Thumbnail With Canva

You should see this if you are a YouTuber. Amazing videos!
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Installing Dev C++ on Windows 10 | Hypercreeck

This video shows me installing Dev C++ on Windows 10. Very useful for people who code in C and C++. Dont forget to like and subscribe. Also visit my forum, if you want.

How to install Firefox on Windows XP?

This article shows you how to install Firefox in Windows XP.
the last supported version of Firefox for Windows XP was Firefox 52.0.
You can download Firefox 52.0 from It is an English version of Firefox 52.0.
If the English version does not work, try other languages from
When you have downloaded the exe installer, click the installer icon and install it.
Woohoo! You have Firefox running in Windows XP! You can use all modern websites like YouTube and Twitter from Firefox 52.0. It is still supported when this article was written.

Using Twitter from Windows XP | Windows XP Series | HyperCreeck

Using Twitter on Windows XP is fun!!!
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Popsicle Party - TrekMis | Free songs for YouTube videos and games.

apt-get update

Just a simple joke! I don't have ideas so I think uploading a joke video

You Are An Idoit Screen Recording - HyperCreeck

This is my new video. I've ran out of ideas, so I uploaded this video. This video is unedited. So you will see me starting and stopping the recording. Recorded with OBS-Studio.

Installing Windows 10 on VMWare - HyperCreeck

This video took 3 days to make. 1 day for recording. 1 for editing and 1 for publishing.
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C++ Tutorials

C++ Tutorial- Codebasha

Tutorial for c++/c programming. Free at Codebasha!